Research in Marine Science

Asst.Prof.Jantira Rattanarat

Expertise in the application of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) for the planning and management of resources and the environment, such as the study of coastal erosion, prediction of landslide risk area, flood, drought, forest fire. Study Areas suitable for growing nypa palm/ rubber / palm oil / rice planning, land use, etc. Also, teachers with expertise in environmental impact assessment (EIA). Including the participation of the public as well.

Asst.Prof.Dr.Amonsak Sawusdee

Expertise: Marine ecosystem restoration, Fishery biology, Fishery management

       My ongoing research relates to fishery study and restoration which aim to sustain marine resources in Thailand. Research scholarships were supported by several agencies, such as National research council of Thailand, Agricultural research development agency and Royal Thai government. Research projects are very beneficial for students because I always designs active teaching class based on research. Therefore, students will obtain not only an academic skill in classroom, but they also get multi-experience in working in real research situation. I am now very enjoying with research environment and activity in my teaching class. All students are welcomed to join us, Marine Science, at Walailak University.

Dr.Damrongsak Noicharoen

Expertise: Chemical Oceanography, Estuarine and Marine Pollution, Nutrient Dynamics in Estuarine Environment

Estuary and mangrove forest are the most important source of food to support community and life. Seawater and Sediment quality are deteriorated from untreated wastewater, garbage, pesticide, herbicides, and heavy metal produced by human activities on land. Fishery resources are mainly polluted by toxic substances and take a risk to human.  Marine pollution is the main factor destroying coastal fishery resource and socioeconomic relevant.  Seawater and sediment quality monitoring and management are the important tools to detection and prevention any hazardous substances which will cause harmful to human for sustain secure resources for the better life.

Mr.Phusit Horpet

Expertise: Marine biology conservation, Imposex-affected female gastropods, Marine debris,
My research and academic interests include marine biology conservation and utilization of marine resources & coastal environments towards sustainability. The issues relate to marine protected areas, marine eco-tourisms, environmental-friendly aquaculture, a pollution-related problem, namely, imposex-affected females of marine gastropods as well as marine debris management.
More than a decade, I have involved in organizing campaigns and projects to promote awareness raising programs for marine debris reduction with participatory multi-sector approach in local coastal ecosystems through an integration of teaching and research with student’s off classroom activities.