Doctor of Philosophy in Physics (PhD(Physics))

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Doctor of Philosophy Plan 1 (Research only)

Admission to the Doctor of Philosophy- Plan 1 is open to students who have completed a Master of Science degree in Physics, or close equivalent one with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 or equivalent for Plan 1.1

Program Structure

Placement Test

Candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy are required to take placement test by the end of first term. The test is designed to determine students’ basic knowledge in physics covering classical, statistical, and quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, thermodynamics, optics and mathematical physics. Students are expected to score 65% in each subject and 70% overall to pass. Those who fail, are recommended to take graduate coursework (noncredit) to strengthen their specific need.

Qualifying Examination

After students pass their thesis proposal defense, they are required to complete the qualifying examination. The examination covers the topics identical to the placement test but more advanced. 75% overall is the criterion for passing the examination.


Plan 1.1

Students are expected to complete at least 64 total credits entirely dedicated to thesis. However, students are required to take a seminar course without credit.

Plan 1
.1 Research only

  • PHG-930 Thesis
  • PHG-791 Seminar