Bachelor of Science Program in Science (since 2018)


Bachelor of Science Program in Science



Full name : Bachelor of Science (Science)

Initials name :B.Sc. (Science)



  1. Mathematics Major

Students study basic mathematics e.g. mathematical analysis, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics to explain and predict natural phenomena using mathematics method.

  1. Chemistry Major

Students integrate knowledge in chemistry, laboratory skills to explain physical and chemical matter in various stages including chemical reaction and prediction of reaction mechanism.

  1. Biology Major

Students integrate knowledge in biology and mathematics to study living organism, complex environment and big data.

  1. Physics Major

Students integrate knowledge in physics and mathematics to study experimental and theoretical physics in order to explain and predict natural phenomena including magnetics, mechanical waves, electromagnetic waves, plasma, fluid mechanics and dynamics, oceanography and cosmology.



Learners in this B.Sc. program are able to study and continuously improve themselves throughout their undergrad years. They fully develop to their full potential in their 21st Century Learning Skills


Desirable Characteristics of the Course

  1. Graduates will have extensive knowledge and understanding of theories, principles, and skills in science and mathematics.
  2. Graduates can apply the theory, scientific and mathematical principles for their research, post-graduate study and careers.
  3. Graduates can acquire self-leaning and pursue their own research as well as creativity for country development in science and technology, locally and globally.
  4. Graduates realize their ethics both academic and professional as well as their social responsibility.
  5. Graduates show their ability to professionally present their academic work at all levels and have good management, communication, and teamwork skills in multi-culture environments.


Career path

  1. Researcher/research assistant, scientist, mathematicians, statisticians, and data scientist in public and private agencies
  2. Officers in both government and private sectors.
  3. Entrepreneurs, startup and freelance professionals


Study path

Graduate Programmes (local and global)

Tuition Fees THB
Semester 13,600
4 Years 163,200
Program structure
Graduation requirement 187 credits (4-year program)
1. General Education Courses 40 credits
(1) Language 20 credits
  1.1)   Thai language 4 credits
  1.2)   English Language 16 credits
(2) Social Science 8 credits
(3) Science and Mathematics 8 credits
(4) Integrated Studies 4 credits
(5) Information Technology 4 credits
2. Specific Requirement Courses 137 credits
1) Core Courses 67 credits
1.1) Basic Science and Mathematics Courses 50 credits
1.2)Cooperative Studies Courses 17 credits
2) Required Courses
  2.1) Required Courses in 4 majors  
Major in Mathematics 46 credits
Major in Chemistry 48 credits
Major in Biology 52 credits
Major in Physics 52 credits
2.2) Required Elective Courses
Major in Mathematics 24 credits
Major in Chemistry 22 credits
Major in Biology 28 credits
Major in Physics 18 credits
3. Free Elective Courses 8 credits