Message from the Dean

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mullica Jaroensutasinee

Dean of School of Science (present)

Welcome to the School of Science. Our primary mission is to develop principled leaders through exemplary education and research experiences. If you are a prospective student still contemplating your field of study, this is the right time for an inquisitive mind-Science and Math are cool here. Our academic departments which include Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics, together with the Center of Excellence (COE) for Ecoinformatics, the COE for Functional Materials and Nanotechnology, and the COE for Plasmas and Electromagnetic Wave Science, offer a broad range of exciting programs of study leading to undergraduate, M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees.
Our academic, technical, and auxiliary staff supports undergraduate and post-graduate courses which provide students a rich immersion in academic study, personal growth, skill expertise, and work flexibility.
We have introduced new programs to meet the needs of students and the marketplace in 2021.

  • Bachelor of Science Program offers motivated DPST and honored students research opportunities and mentorships
  • Bachelor and Master of Education Program in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and General Science train the next generation of great Math and Science teachers.
  • Master and Ph.D. Programs in Science provide an unprecedented advanced research opportunity for graduate students.

Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to educating tomorrow’s leaders in science and mathematics. Students have the opportunity to enhance their learning experience by participating in our distinctive research experience. Unlike most research experiences, our undergraduate research experience is a four-year leadership in the research program designed to build skills in problem-solving, technical writing, oral communication, and research ethics. From freshman to senior year, students prepare for research in the discipline; serve the community; lead faculty-directed and/or independent research projects; and demonstrate command of the discipline by presenting their research at local, regional, and national meetings. Students in Science and Mathematics can also enhance their learning experience through internships, mentorships, and collaborative projects.
The Graduate School of Science aims to produce independent researchers. Our Ph.D. program is a three-year research program with full supports on tuition fees for qualified applicants. Students who choose to study with us can expect an enhanced learning and training environment, excellent facilities, and interaction with students from around the globe. If you are interested in more details of studying with us, collaboration, or consultancy for our extensive expertise, please contact the faculty office. I urge you to come and join us for an unforgeable experience.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Chitnarong Sirisathitkul

Dean of the School of Science (2018)

School of Science, Walailak University has strengths in research, innovation and publication.
International publication records a high standard both in terms of quantity (0.7-1 Scopus paper per capita) and quality (ranked in Nature index).
Consequently the Ph.D. staff are capable of supervising the learning and research process for both undergraduate and graduate students.
Students from the School of Science are expected to achieve academic excellence as well as skills to collaborate in this creative and challenging task.

In addition, the school is linked with the elementary level via the national projects such as Academic Olympiad and Junior Science and Technology Talent Project (JSTP) to raise the standard of science and mathematics education of Thailand.