Message from the Dean

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mullica Jaroensutasinee

Dean of School of Science (present)

Welcome to the School of Science. Our mission is to develop educational and research leaders through role models. If you are a student who is interested in studying science, Marine Science, and Education This is the perfect time to study cool science, mathematics, education, and marine science here.

The School of Science consists of 3 programs and 9 subjects, as follows:

  • The science curriculum has four subjects: biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics.
  • The Marine Science curriculum has one subject area, which is Marine Science.
  • The curriculum of education has four fields of study: biology, mathematics, general science, and computing.

The School of Science has three centers of excellence, as follows: the Center of Excellence in Ecology, Prediction, and Management Center of Excellence in Functional Materials and Nanotechnology and the Center of Excellence in Health and Medical Systems Research that is ready to support bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs

Faculty, staff, and students are available to support teaching and learning to give our students the opportunity to immerse themselves in their studies. has been developed to the maximum Develop skills and expertise until you are proficient and have the flexibility to work according to 21st century skills.
In 2023, we will have programs that meet the needs of students and the job market.

  1. The Bachelor of Science program has DPST scholarships, 21st century graduate development scholarships, half scholarships, and athlete scholarships. Students will gain research experience from excellent faculty. Become a mentor researcher.
  2. Marine Science Program offers 21st century graduate development scholarships, sports talent promotion scholarships, and half scholarships where students will learn in tandem with excellent and talented faculty.
  3. Education Program contains Phetwalai Educational Scholarship The students will receive real training in leading schools.
  4. Master of Science and Doctorate Programs Science field: international curriculum To produce a new generation of researchers and Increase opportunities to do advanced research.
  5. Master of Science and Doctorate Programs Data Science and Artificial Intelligence major International Curriculum To produce a new generation of researchers in data science and artificial intelligence. which is a branch that is in demand in the country.
    Our faculty and staff are dedicated to nurturing students so that they become leaders in science and mathematics. Students have the opportunity to learn through outstanding research experiences. which is unlike other research courses.

Our undergraduate students complete a four-year, research-led program. Strengthen problem-solving skills by writing articles. Presentation of research results and research ethics For 1st to 4th year students, they will be able to conduct research in areas of interest that address the needs of the community. and working on research projects with faculty members who are leading scientists in the school and presenting research results at national and international conferences. Students can enhance their learning experience. By going to cooperative education I’m going to do research with a mentor scientist and do research work with various research institutes. Both inside and abroad

School of Science graduates are researchers with high potential. The Doctor of Philosophy program is a three-year, research-based program that provides tuition support for talented students. Students who choose to study with us can expect to live in a society of learning and training. It has the best teachers. and had the opportunity to meet and learn with students from around the world. If you are interested in learning more details about applying to study with us, working together, or asking for advice in fields in which we have expertise. Please stop by and talk or call the subject office. We want you to join us in creating this memorable experience.