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Dr.Phitchayapak Wintachai
My interest centres on understanding infectious disease processes through the application of modern tools of molecular and cell analysis: ”More”
Dr.Jariya Sakayaroj
My research interests include diversity, systematic and ecological studies of microbes, especially fungi and protists from natural habitats. ”More”
Dr.Pimchanok Pimton
My research interests lie in the area of cellular tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, which involves the integration of cell and”More”
 Dr.Pakpimol Ungcharoenwiwat
My research interest is in the field of microbial and enzyme technology. I am currently working on an investigation of antimicrobial activity ”More”
Assoc. Prof. Dr.Mullica Jaroensutasinee
My research interests are on animal behaviour emphasizing on sexual selection in guppies, Siamese fighting fish,”More”
Assoc. Prof. Dr.Mullica Jaroensutasinee
How seeds disperse in the tropical rain forests and how tropical plants recruit their new seedlings are ”More”
Asst.Prof.Dr. Phuwadol Bangrak
My research interests are in the areas of biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology which involves in cloning and heterologous proteins”More”
 Asst.Prof.Dr.Udomsak Darumas
My research interests lie in the area of field ecology and how marine sessile organisms”More”
Dr.Naparat Suttidate
In my research, I try to understand how species respond to a changing environment. My research advances the application of ”More”
 Asst.Prof.Dr. Maruay Mekanawakul
My research interest lies in the field of Plant Taxonomy, especially species of Palms and Cycads. Morphology, ”More”
Asst.Prof.Dr. Chatchai Kanlayanapaphon
My research interest is in the plant family Zingiberaceae or gingers family. Its diversity, phylogeny, pollination, palynology and uses are of interests, ”More”


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