Bachelor of Science (Marine Science)


Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Marine Science


Full name : Bachelor of Science (Marine Science)

Initials name : B.Sc. (Marine Science)



  1. To produce graduates who are ready to work with sufficient knowledge and technical skills in particular to related modern technology.
  2. To produce graduates who are capable of higher education.
  3. To produce graduates with high communication skills both in Thai and English as well as IT skills.
  4. To produce graduates with career’s moral & ethics, public consciousness and ability to work with wide range of stakeholders in community.
  5. To produce graduates who can develop their capability in collaborative research and academic services at local, national and international levels.


Desirable Characteristics of the Course

Graduates are expected to work effectively with local communities and wide range of stakeholders, having self-discipline, flexibility, public consciousness and 21st century knowledge & skills with fully aware of their professional values and ethics impact career success. The graduates are ready to work since they are professional trained via active learning in real natural environment and co-operative processes.

Career path

1) Marine scientist, Marine Biologist/ Marine Ecologist
2) Fishery biologist/ Fishery officer
3) Environmentalist
4) DMCR officer
5) Geo-informatic officer
6) R&D officer
7) Researcher/ Assistant researcher
8) Teacher/ Lecturer
9) Environmental impact assessment officer
10) Local administrative offier (Environment sector)
11) Other related academic positions (NGO, freelance, etc.)

Study path

Graduates can pursue their further educations in several related fields from both leading



Tuition Fees
Semester 14,800
4 Years 177,600
Program structure
Graduation requirement 187 credits (4-year program)
1. General Education Courses 40 credits
1) Communication and languages 20 credits
2) Humanities and social sciences 8 credits
3) Sciences and mathematics 8 credits
4) Integrated 4 credits
5) Information technologies 4 credits
Remark: * excluding in total cridit
2. Core Courses 139 credits
1) Core in MRS  46 credits
2) Fundamental in MRS 64 credits
3) Fundamental elective 12 credits
4) Cooperative education 17 credits
3. Free Elective Courses 8 credits